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Approximate Number of Colleges and Universities in the United States


Approximate Number of People Employed by Colleges and Universities


Approximate Number of College Students in the United States

Increasing Student Success

The four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is 33.3%. The six-year rate is 57.6%.

Closing Financial Gaps

In a survey of over 700 higher ed professionals conducted by the AACU, 74% said the most significant challenge facing them is financial constraints. 

Aligning Institutional Technology 

On average approximately 4.2 percent of institutional spending goes to IT. (averaged across all institution types).

Cyber Security and Privacy

Comparitech reported school districts and higher ed. in the US have experienced over 1,850 data breaches, affecting more than 28.6 million records between 2005-2020. 


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AHigherVision selectively partners with like-minded organizations committed to providing services and software that lead to the advancement of colleges and universities.

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We have been fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships and worked with exceedingly talented colleagues. And from these experiences we’ve formed more than just working relationships, we have formed enduring friendships. Here’s what a small sampling have said about us.


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